Oriental Fitness Club Membership Fee  
Membership Initiation Fee Monthly Fee
Primary Cardhoder-1 year NT$ 36,000 NT$ 3,000
Secondary Cardhoder-1 year NT$ 26,000 NT$ 3,000
Family Members-1 year NT$ 24,000 FREE 
Group Members 10% off for two people enrollment NT$ 3,000
Long Stay guest NT$ 7,200/per month
Guest of Member Must be accompanied by member
NT$ 1,000/per person
Membership Service Center Tel:04-23246077

Gym, Swimming Pool, Sauna, Steam room, Jacuzzi & Aerobics

  • 1、Room discount-45% off
  • 2、F&B discount-10% off
  • 3、Laundry discount-20% off
  • 4、Free Parking Voucher for three hours, parking discount-40% off
  • 5、Free coffee refill once in Lobby Lounge
  • 6、Meeting room discount-30% off
  • 7、Opportunity to participate in wine tasting at special member rates
  • *Must show the member card in advance, service charge is not included in the above discount.
  • *No other discounts can be combined with this membership package.
Method formembership application
  • 1. Fill in the application form and sign the agreement of paying the monthly fee by credit card.
  • 2. One photocopy of I.D. or passport.
  • 3. Two recent 2-inch color photos.
  • 1. All rates include Value Added Tex.
  • 2. Credit is not available for any type of membership.
  • 3. Must be at least 16 years of age to apply for membership, children under 16 must be
  • 4. All membership fees are subject to change without prior notice.